Go Global and Expand Your Horizons with
Orphesus Offshore Incorporation

Thinking of taking your business overseas? Whether you’re looking to reach new markets, streamline finances, or protect your assets, offshore incorporation offers a strategic solution. Unlock benefits such as:

Benefits :

Benefits :

Reduced Tax Burden : Lower corporate tax rates and access to tax treaties can significantly reduce your tax obligations.

Enhanced Asset Protection : Create a separate legal entity to shield your main business or personal assets from potential liabilities.

Enhanced Asset Protection : Create a separate legal entity to shield your main business or personal assets from potential liabilities.

Five Popular Offshore Destinations :

Seychelles and Samoa : Simplified Setup: Cost-effective and straightforward company formation, ideal for establishing a basic business structure.

Cayman Islands : Offers a well-developed legal framework and tax-neutral environment, ideal for investment funds and corporate structuring

Hong Kong and Singapore : Global Hub & Sophisticated Structures: Major financial centers with well-established platforms for setting up sophisticated SPVs and Investment Funds. They offer access to international markets but may require more complex regulatory navigation.

Mauritius : Tax Optimization & Streamlined Process: Attractive tax incentives and expertise in setting up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Investment Funds. Well-developed legal system and access to tax treaties provide additional security and optimization

British Virgin Islands : Known for flexible regulatory requirements and strong asset protection laws, making it a popular choice for offshore incorporations and SPVs.


Choosing the Right Fit :

Choosing the Right Fit :

Regulations : Evaluate the ease of setting up your desired structure, ongoing reporting requirements, and the level of regulatory oversight.

Taxation : Research tax rates, available treaties, and how your business activities are taxed.

Complexity : Determine if you need a basic company structure or a more sophisticated SPV or Investment Fund.

Target Market : Ensure the location is strategically placed for your target audience or geographically aligned with your business operations.

Unlocking Investment Potential with Offshore Incorporation :

Investment Funds :
Locations: Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore
Advantages: Attract a wider pool of international investors, diversify your investment portfolio, and potentially benefit from tax exemptions on investment income and distributions.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) :
Locations: All five mentioned locations, with Mauritius standing out for its streamlined setup process. Advantages: Isolate assets associated with specific projects, facilitate the conversion of illiquid assets into tradable securities, and enhance transparency in complex transactions.

Our Expert Services :

Ensure Smooth and Compliant Setup :
Handling the legalities and paperwork

Select the Ideal Jurisdiction :
Matching your specific needs and goals.

Connect You with Banking Institutions :
Securing the necessary corporate bank accounts.

Maximize Your Financial Goals :
Optimizing your tax structure and accessing new opportunities.

Provide Ongoing Tax Consultations :
Ensuring long-term compliance and financial success